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Natural Ways To Assist Your Chronic Conditions

By Lyndsay @balancebrunette
Natural Ways To Assist Your Chronic Conditions

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The day to day can wear down the body and make us suffer. An important part of healthcare is food, as the assimilation of nutrients through food will have different consequences throughout our body. Anyone who suffers from chronic pain may be well aware that their diet can contribute to the assistance of certain ailments, or exacerbate them. Including lifestyle changes is important, as is utilizing good medicines. Natural remedies are always good, and with Stradtman Family Wellness, you can look into all of this. There are also some vitamins and supplements that you can take to assist you in other areas.

Vitamins for eyes and general health

To preserve your eyesight, you should eat foods such as dairy, pumpkin, tomatoes and vegetables. Vitamin A must be added vitamin C, with high antioxidant power, a property necessary to prevent diseases such as cataracts. The vitamin E found in spinach, avocado and some nuts is also a powerful antioxidant that could slow down oxidative stress, which occurs in cells during old age and thus prevent eye diseases such as age-related macular degeneration. If you have diabetes or any other condition such as this, you should be aware of how this can keep blood sugars down too. 

Aid digestion problems with good fiber

The lack of good digestion causes general discomfort, abdominal pain, and even bad breath. Fruits, vegetables, cereal, and legumes are most suitable as a source of healthy fiber. At the same time, the low-fat content of lean meats makes them ideal for light digestion. One of the best allies of the digestive system is yogurt because it protects against the natural acidity of the stomach. Olive oil also is rich in oleic acid with beneficial properties for our digestive system, protecting against acidity, constipation and regulating digestion. 

Inflammatory problems and skin diseases

A nutritional routine based on the Mediterranean diet, whose pillars are fruits, vegetables, fish, white meat, and olive oil, reduces the effects that stress and lack of rest have on the skin. Once again, the role of antioxidant substances is fundamental. The polyphenols in green tea, for example, have greater regenerative power than vitamin C and improve the elasticity of the skin. Joining the good habit of finishing lunch with a cup of tea will do a lot for the health of the largest organ in the body.

Minerals and vitamins for brain agility

If you suffer from any type of memory loss or motor disease, you can improve brain function with certain foods. Neural functions such as concentration or assimilation of concepts can be impaired if the diet is not taken care of. Iron, iodine and vitamin B12 play a major role in the development of cognitive functions. Broccoli has proven effective properties as far as memory is concerned. Greater consumption of vitamin K, abundant in broccoli, will facilitate verbal expression and retention of information. The consumption of almonds and walnuts will also be positive due to their high content of omega three and proteins that stimulate the neurons responsible for keeping the body awake. It’s time to start looking after your health.

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Natural Ways To Assist Your Chronic Conditions

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