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Natural Capacity

By Latoya @latoyallawrence

189256_tarot_reading_1Even though some will not admit to it there are psychics who are not very strong or powerful in their abilities who do black magic in order to steal away the energy and spirituality of another soul who is more powerful or advanced than they are.

Jealousy and hatred is the great motivator usually since the more spiritually endowed person is situated on the opposite side of the celestial podium.

The ordeal is the never-ceasing battle between good and evil. The fight between correct moral and religious law or appropriateness.

By nature there is a dividing.

A spiritual warfare that is not recognized by those who in which the situation does not primarily concern or pertain to.

An awareness, an ahead unforeseen dilemma to claim territory.

I have corresponded with many spiritual advisers in person and over the telephone in the distant past. Some have been legitimate and accurate and some have been not.

It is not very common in this day and age to find very good or genuine readers that are sprouting with authentic power.

This is a huge world so, of course, there are a good number of ones who are indeed out there.

It is just that they are sometimes hard to find or hard to come by. Especially the ones that can be trusted.

There are a lot of perpetrators who only endeavor to do more harm rather than to help.

I have been fortunate enough during my younger years as I had sought out guidance and confirmation through the gathering of further insight and analysis into the journey of my own personal paranormal experience.

I spoke with a psychic who had acknowledged and verified to me the details of my birth. How I was born with a double veil that had extended all the way down to the nape of my neck. And how I had a little over one hundred percent of the gifts that come along with being born of the caul.

The woman had also revealed to me that there were people who were trying to block my gifts of sight through the brujeria that was being done upon me at the time.

This lady was so very on point with everything that she said and I had nothing but respect for her. She did not want to take advantage of my situation she was just truly concerned and honest.

I have encountered quite a few more highly gifted male and female readers who are very special and vital in purpose within their own rights of existence.

I have also come across those readers who wanted to get inside of my head to make me doubt so that they could attempt to take away my power and spirituality by causing a drainage and repression of energy through evil black magic.

It takes a strong will to not be maneuvered by the deceptive spiritual tactics that are used to influence the mind.

However, when one is confident and firm within the knowledge of one’s own personal self and state of well-being this mechanism or form of black magic can and will easily be defeated.

I understand that the many things that I have undergone have not been situated in vain. They were all incidents for me to evaluate then learn from for specific validation.

There are readers and spiritual advisers out there who do nothing but lie and try to steer one straight into their own destruction.

They assume that they are able to overthrow one due to their own misconceptions and erroneous interpretations.

Those who are beneath the radar often think that they are above the range until they get hit with the unexpected blows of reality.

It is important to never let anyone discourage or undermine the true individuals that we are by any means.

It is important to also never let anyone or anything rob us of our true identity, capacity, and destiny.

Still til this day I experience those particular brain dead individuals who continue to try to interfere with my fate through negative spiritual and material means.

No one is perfect yet even in our adventurous turns we are redirected and then carried back down to the natural paths of safety and freedom.

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