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Natural Bath Sponge - Growing Luffa Cylindrica

Posted on the 04 September 2011 by Bgdn_adrian

Natural bath sponge - growing luffa cylindricaDescription: The luffa bath sponge is a vegetable grown especially for its decorative purpose rather than for its consumption. Besides the decorative aspect, it was observed that after drying the core of the vegetable it has properties very similar to a sponge bath (absorption and appearance). Thus, this natural bath sponge has become very popular in many countries, considering unlike the synthetic bath sponge, it has beneficial qualities for the skin, such as
removing dead cells on its surface. This product can also be transformed into a bio soap, which consists of embedding into the luffa sponge an all natural soap.
  For optimal growth conditions, cylindrical loofah needs a lot of light and heat, but excess water is not indicated.
Resources needed: - availability of land for starting the culture
   - Acquisition  of luffa seeds
   - Tools needed for drying, slicing and packaging the final product
Pros: - Natural products are increasingly sought
   - Vegetable sponge is very easy to produce, Luffa is dried and then sliced ​​according to the desired size
   - Selling price of the final product is quite high
Cons: - Impediments in the growth process of the plant
Conclusions: In a market that is moving increasingly towards more natural products, this product can prove to be a success.

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