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Native Americans Have Asian Origins?

Posted on the 18 October 2013 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
So, the invading European Armies Mercenaries Banks, from 1492 onwards, brought their African slave-farmhand armies with them to decimate North America's Asian Population:

Native Americans have Asian origins?

Schematic illustration of maternal geneflow in and out of Beringia.

Colours of the arrows correspond to approximate timing of the events and are decoded in the coloured time-bar. The initial peopling of Berinigia (depicted in light yellow) was followed by a standstill after which the ancestors of the Native Americans spread swiftly all over the New World while some of the Beringian maternal lineages–C1a-spred westwards. More recent (shown in green) genetic exchange is manifested by back-migration of A2a into Siberia and the spread of D2a into north-eastern America that post-dated the initial peopling of the New World. [source PLOS ONE]

TWENTY FIVE THOUSAND YEARS OF EVOLVING CULTURE ruined for a bit of gold and a claim to land that was never theirs to rob rape pillage. What fuckers humanity are; what monsters playing a PROFIT-game that they don't really understand amoralises them.
If Europeans had been part of the migration, you can bet your life there'd have been a MASSIVE TOLL GATE between Asia and America - ruined by (our (taxed)) money are the European Royals and their legal lackeys.

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