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National Dishes That Can Be Carried to School. Anyone?

By Expatmum @tonihargis
How come my to-do list doesn't seem to be going down, even though I am accomplishing things and crossing stuff off the top end?
Oh, that would be because new items keep being announced and added to the bottom. Now, even though I am flying to England next Wednesday, I still have to find a "national dish"* that can be taken into the Family History brunch on the Friday, figure out an activity that the Little Guy can do on his birthday (yes, I'm missing it, I know, I know) and then magically have cupcakes ready so he can take them into school on the Monday or Tuesday?
In the meantime,  I'm on a national hunt for navy blue men's cargo shorts that actually come somewhere in the region of the Man-Child's knees, as opposed to being mid-thigh. He's 6'3" and a lot of his height is in the legs.  He has to wear a fairly tame uniform for the rock musicians camp he's attending in the summer. (Yes, I know, I know - it seems ludicrous that rock musicians are being made to wear pale blue golf shirts and navy shorts, but there it is). I ordered a few pairs from the camp shop and they came fairly promptly; and I sent them back just as promptly. Nasty, nasty material that resembled a nylon postal carrier's bag, and so short that even someone in the 70's would have balked. And now, of course, there are cargo shorts in every hue but dark navy, or they're in navy but they're not long enough. I can see my entire UK visit being consumed by this search for cargo shorts that fit.
* So what counts as a "National Dish" that can be made some days before, transported into school by a hapless husband and 8 year old, doesn't need to be heated up and can be eaten easily. Oh, and appeals to 8 and 9 year olds. And if at all possible, makes up for the fact that I'm missing his birthday?
Argh - that reminds me, I still need to buy some birthday presents for him.
Weep, weep. Sob, sob.

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