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Narcissus Galore

By Patientgardener @patientgardener

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Last Autumn I decided to invest in some different narcissus for the garden to try to add more interest and because I am quite interested in the variety.  This last week with slightly warmer temperatures the first ones have started to open.  I have a very ordinary and unknown large yellow daffodil in the garden that was here when we arrived nine years ago and it generally flowers before all the other narcissus.  This year it was severely battered by the snow and frost but there are still some flowering and I think the milder temperatures have meant that they, as well as the snowdrops, have lasted much longer than usual.

The first of my new narcissus is above and I am pretty sure it is W P Milner.  I ordered my bulbs from Peter Nyssen this year as they have a wide range available at very good prices and the quality over the last two years as been excellent.  I made a note of what I ordered and where I intended to plant them.  I know that I followed the planting plan but there are several varieties in each area so I have been peering at Peter Nyssen’s website trying to decide which is which.  I am pretty confident with W P Milner as its colouring is very distinctive to the other narcissus I have.  I love the creases on the trumpet, it looks like a very fine muslin.


The next one is  I believe Minnow.  It could be Canaliculatus but the photograph on the supplier website shows longer petals in relation to the trumpet.  I have some other narcissus that aren’t quite in flower so I suspect these are Canaliculatus.  I have to say I am surprised at how small the flowers are on Minnow although I suspect that is where the name comes from.  It looks very pretty growing amongst blue hyacinths.


Another new narcissus for the garden, this time Geranium.  I like the distinct contrast between the trumpet and the very white petals.  These are planted along the top of the lawn up the garden and are quite striking.


I have had this one for a few years now and I have no idea what it is so if anyone has any idea I would love to know.  It is quite a dainty flower and I like the swept back petals.

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Finally tete a tete, these are planted in the front garden along the edge of the lawn providing a lift to the line of Deschampsia I have planted there.  I am very pleased with the effect but think I  may add some more to increase the effect.

So those are my Narcissus so far this year.  I intend to add more next year especially as I am avoiding having tulips in the main part of the back garden due to the local badgers; addictions.  I am using this post as an aide memoire for the future when I can’t remember which narcissus is which.

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