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Narara '83 and '84

By Hakamike @hakamike
Narara Rock Festival
Narara '83 and '84: "Narara '83 Australia's Woodstock
When I was 16 and again at 17 I made a pilgrimage to a special place - Narara!
I remember my mate Pete took me in his car to the '83 Narara, but he also took his girlfriend so I didn't spend much time with him for obvious reasons. Narara was held over the Australia Day long weekend and it was as hot as hell. On a farm next door to a tourist trap known as Old Sydney Town we assembled, 40,000 strong, we built a tent city, we got wasted and we became a part of Australian rock history. I saw most of the acts and the standout memories were The Angels, Cold Chisel, Moving Pictures and Rose Tattoo."

market tents at narara 83 selling bongs

Narara '83 was an eyeopener for some...

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