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Nancy Pearl: Book Lust Rediscoveries

Posted on the 06 February 2013 by Nancymccarroll
Nancy Pearl is a writer, a literary critic, a personage of the literati.  She is a regular commentator on NPR (Morning Edition).
And I write about her now because she has brought attention to books which are real finds, but are older and perhaps out of print.  Pearl has made a listing of  these books and calls it "Book Lust Rediscoveries."
Amazon says
Book Lust Rediscoveries is a series devoted to reprinting some of the best (and now out of print) novels originally published between 1960-2000. Each book is personally selected by Nancy Pearl and includes an introduction by her, as well as discussion questions for book groups and a list of recommended further reading.
If you are looking for a new read, Nancy Pearl might direct you to a treasure you have overlooked.
I first found her through the book The Last Night at the Ritz in an Amazon review capturing the essence of the story here:
Readers of Joanna Trollope or Anne Tyler may enjoy this intelligent, captivating, and not entirely trustworthy (unnamed) narrator. She invites three close friends to lunch with her at the Ritz Hotel, in Boston, for her birthday. Two of them are a long married couple she has known since college days. The third was once her lover. The lunch quickly takes an unexpected turn.
Check out her Book Lust Shop here.  She even has an action figure if you are a girl fan for Pearl.  And you can see and hear her on the Seattle cable channel 21 found here.
Nancy Pearl: Book Lust Rediscoveries
I am currently reading The Cowboy and the Cossack, another Pearl Book Lust Rediscovery.
Nancy Pearl: Book Lust Rediscoveries
So many books, so little time.

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