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NameSilo to Be Acquired

Posted on the 09 March 2018 by Worldwide @thedomains

NameSilo is being acquired by investment firm Brisio Innovations Inc. The company makes investments in both public and private markets and focuses on opportunities in a wide variety of industries excluding the resource and resource service sectors. Brisio does not invest on behalf of any third party and it does not offer investment advice.

Brisio Innovations trades publicly on the Canadian Securities Exchange under the symbol BZI, it also trades on the Pink Sheets.

After completion of the Transaction, the Company intends to spin-out NameSilo as a separately listed entity on a Canadian stock exchange. The board of directors of the Company will provide further details on the proposed spin-out on closing of the Transaction.

NameSilo posted the following on Namepros:

Hi Everyone,

Just saw this thread and wanted to reply…

The most important takeaways for our customers are that there are no changes in management or operations of the business. This is more of a financial and organizational move than anything else. Our owner/operators are staying in place and there are no changes to our management, support, systems or anything else that should be “felt” by our customers. In the longer run, the additional resources from this move should help to accelerate new development and possibly other ancillary service offerings. Our founders posted a message on our site here:

We know that news like this can be worrisome for our customers and partners, especially given the history of some other acquisitions/mergers in the registrar space, but we are keenly aware of the things that have made us successful and plan only to continue building upon those strategies of consistently low pricing, customer-friendly policies, ongoing product/service enhancements, no hidden fees and excellent customer support.

Again, our focus is on ensuring that this move to take the company public not only has none of the negative ramifications associated with changes of ownership from other registrars, but that the benefits of additional resources help only to create an even better service for our customers. We are committed to these things and are sure we will not let anyone down!

Thanks as always to everyone who participates at NamePros. We look forward to continue engaging with everyone here and to continually improving upon our services.

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