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Nameless Puppy

By Englishwifeindianlife

This morning, we woke up early. I had made some tea and opened our curtains and windows to let the new day in. The usual sound of Nagpur’s traffic horns and vegetable seller calls was accompanied by a shrill cry. We looked out of the window and saw a lonely little puppy. I walk all around our neighbourhood everyday with Alfonso, I hadn’t seen any puppies around, she had appeared from nowhere. The pleading cries continued, so loud and full of terror, she was looking for her mom. We went downstairs with some food and found the little girl, still crying and shaking, hiding in some grass. The moment I picked her up, she stopped crying. She snuggled into my arm and relaxed. What could we do now? We walked around for a while with her, to see if there was a mother looking for her, but nothing, only some disinterested male dogs. We think that someone had dumped her here during the night, maybe one of the street dogs had got their family dog pregnant and they couldn’t keep the result. She has obviously been handled by humans before, she wasn’t scared of us. She came home with us, ate some food and drank [...]

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