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Name Plaques from Crafty Caterpillar

By Evette Garside @evette77

Over at Crafty Caterpillar you may be fooled into thinking you will find a selection of furry creepy crawlies, but no, far from it. What you will find however is the option to create a beautiful name plaque for your child (or even yourself if you wish).

The name plaques come in lots of colour choices and all sorts of patterns and pictures with butterflies and flowers, shoes and footballs and that's football and flowers for either boy or girl (before the PC brigade pipe up).

I was given the great opportunity to make not one but three name plaques, one for each of my lovely children.

I had each one made in a different style and colour. Ryan's being blue with footballs, Jordannas has flowers and crystals and Izebella yellow with butterflies.

They arrived very elegantly packaged, wrapped in tissue paper and a red ribbon.

Name Plaques from Crafty Caterpillar

I think it makes it extra special when it's wrapped as beautiful as this. Here are all the lovely plaques.

Name Plaques from Crafty Caterpillar

Ryan's is obviously smaller as his name is much shorter. I have not edited this photo in any way either or enhanced the colours. The plaques are lovely, bright and bold and really stand out on any door or bedroom. Jordannas plaque even has mini crystals which catch the light and sparkle.

These plaques are made from birch plywood and seem very strong. On the back are four sticky foam pads reducing the need for a hammer and hooks, although I imagine I could probably put picture hooks into them if need be.

Name Plaques from Crafty Caterpillar

Any name up to 9 letters can be put on the plaque and the size of the plaque will vary depending on how long the name.

Then there's only one decision and that is where to hang them? My children opted for their bedroom doors.

Name Plaques from Crafty Caterpillar
Name Plaques from Crafty Caterpillar

Now no one will get lost when finding their bedroom at least.

These plaques start from £15.00 depending on chosen design and can be made here.

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