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Myths About Bathing Your Kids That Every Parent Should Know

By Mountain Publishing @mountainpublish
Myths About Bathing Your Kids That Every Parent Should Know

Bathing your child might take time. If your child is already of school age, it could even be more challenging. You will spend time preparing for school or any other place where you are heading. Eventually, your child will learn how to be independent when bathing. For now, you need to know these myths about bathing so that you can do the right thing.

Myth # 1- Everyone needs to bathe each day, including kids

For adults, it is understandable to bathe each day. It might be due to body odour or for general sanitation purposes. Parents think that since they are bathing every day, their kids have to do the same. The truth is that children are still not undergoing hormonal changes. They do not yet produce body odour, unlike teenagers and adults. An occasional sponge bath would suffice. Unless they get too dirty after playing outside, a daily bath is not necessary for your kids.

Myth # 2- Adult beauty care products are not for kids

Whether you use soap for adults or kids, if it gets in their eyes, they will tear up. The idea that you need special skin and hair care products for children is a crafty marketing ploy made by companies to increase their profits. The key is in the ingredients found in the product. Avoid the ones with too many chemicals in them. Fragrance-free options are also a priority. If you want to make these products easy for kids to use, you need to look at the container.

Myth # 3- Bath toys do not need regular cleaning

Bath toys might be wet when children bathe, but it does not mean they do not require cleaning anymore. Toys that require squeaking or squirting have a passage for water to get in. If you do not remove water inside after bathing, it could be warm and damp. It is an ideal place for mould growth. Dip the toys in warm water with vinegar to ensure that they are free from bacteria.

Myth # 4- You need to leave the tub if your kids pee in it

If you have a whirlpool bath at home, it makes your bathing experience exciting. You will also love spending time with your kids while you bathe together. The problem is when you see that your child peed in the tub. Your instinct is to abandon it and flush the water out. The truth is that urine is relatively clean compared with other fluids coming out of your body. Besides, the warm water from the tub has already diluted the urine. Therefore, you do not need to panic and leave the tub if your child pees in it. You also do not want to waste water by throwing it away even when you are yet to finish bathing.

Now that you understand these common myths, you will do the right thing and impart correct knowledge to your kids. The goal is for them to stay clean and healthy.

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