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Mythos: the Greek Myths Retold by Stephen Fry

By Pamelascott

Penguin presents the unabridged downloadable audiobook edition of Mythos, written and read by Stephen Fry.

The Greek myths are amongst the greatest stories ever told, passed down through millennia and inspiring writers and artists as varied as Shakespeare, Michelangelo, James Joyce and Walt Disney.

They are embedded deeply in the traditions, tales and cultural DNA of the West. You'll fall in love with Zeus, marvel at the birth of Athena, wince at Cronus and Gaia's revenge on Ouranos, weep with King Midas and hunt with the beautiful and ferocious Artemis.

Spellbinding, informative and moving, Stephen Fry's Mythos perfectly captures these stories for the modern age - in all their rich and deeply human relevance.


[I was lucky enough to pick up a book called Tales from Ancient Greece when I was quite small]


(Penguin Books Ltd, 2 November 2017, 15 hours 23 minutes, audiobook, audible, narrated by Stephen Fry)



I had a great time listening to Mythos.

I love mythology, especially how different versions of the same or similar myths can be found across cultures. The Greek and Norse Myths are my favourites.

I've read many different versions of the Greek Myths, seen dozens of movies and TV shows based on them and even played videogames based around them. So, I thought I knew all of the myths. Many stories recounted by Fry are well-known to me but I was delighted to discover dozens more I'd never heard of.

Some of the stories in Mythos are quite different from Myths I've read in other publications so it was interesting to get a slightly different take on something so familiar.

One of the most enjoyable things about the Greek myths is how they are steeped in humour, even ones which tackle dark subjects. The stories here feature Gods behaving badly, humans sometimes behaving badly as well and all manner of monster and creatures, many with a humorous twist. I couldn't help chuckle listening to tales about Zeus's wandering libido and Hera's foot-stomping jealousy.

I thought Mythos was amazing. Highly recommended.

NB: The last few files of the audiobook contain Fry discussing why he chose to retell the Greek Myths as well as appendixes for the sources he used. I skipped these because I wasn't particularly interested but it's nice they're here for anyone who's interested.
Mythos: the Greek Myths Retold by Stephen Fry

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