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Mystery Illness Attacks California Horses - Fukushima?

Posted on the 16 August 2014 by Susanduclos @SusanDuclos
By Susan Duclos
Mystery Illness Attacks California Horses - Fukushima? California horses have become infected with what is described as a "mystery" illness, where according to multiple reports from a variety of sources, large patches of skin is simply falling off, lips are becoming swollen to the point where they are characterized as "humongous," eyes swollen shut, liver damage, rashes and lesions, just to name some of the descriptors being reported on from this so-called "mystery" illness.
Via ENENews:
“It’s horrible [...] dozens of cases [are] affecting horses in a widespread area of Southern California in at least the past 2 1/2 weeks. [...] There may well be many more unreported cases, [an official] added. [...] hair and skin – later began falling off in big patches [and one] fainted twice while being washed [...] A farrier told Cockerton he hasn’t seen anything like it in 40 years of shoeing horses.

Furthermore, ten horses have died at the Del Mar in Southern California, only three of which were attributed to natural causes, which is being called unprecedented.
Now let's discuss the huge white elephant in the room, shall we?
Mystery Illness Attacks California Horses - Fukushima? Fukushima! In 2011, a devastating earthquake and tsunami hit Japan's Fukushima nuclear plant, causing multiple meltdowns, with reports that the radiation was a global concern, yet since then there have been massive sealife die-offs, illnesses affecting children along the west coast, reports of fruits and vegetable growing with mutations, for lack of a better word, and now this issue with horses dying...... all of which experts continue to call a "mystery," and the MSM calls "unexplained," yet no one wants to mention the obvious.
Alternative media has highlighted and proven, using geiger counters, that there are elevated levels of radiation hitting the coast from the fallout from Fukushima, yet officials refuse to acknowledge the damage from radiation and the fact that radiation can, and does, explain all these mysteries.
When will they start reporting the truth or even ask the questions that the "news" media should be asking, are responsible to investigate?


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