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Mysterious Illness at High School

By Newsanchormom

A mysterious illness in a small community in New York is scaring some parents. Symptoms of Conversion Disorder have been reported in 15 kids. They have started twitching, having convulsions and joint pain. According to THIS STORY from a local television station, doctors say the symptoms may go away within days or weeks. As a parent, this would really freak me out! I would not want my kid in that high school. It seems ridiculous that no one has determined the cause and set a course for prevention.

Environmental activist Erin Brockovich is now reportedly sending a team in for testing. Residents say they hope she can get to the bottom of it - because somebody has to.

And though previous media reports say otherwise, aside from doing research on Conversion Disorder, the National Institute of Health reports they have absolutely no involvement in LeRoy. Representatives tell News 4 they have not asked for increased testing and say, for now, there are no future testing events planned.

-NewsAnchorMom Jen
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