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Myrtle Beach Golf Courses Which Favor Accuracy Over Driver

By Golfforbeginners
Myrtle Beach Golf Courses LitchfieldThere are seventy-eight Myrtle Beach golf courses which offer a multitude of experiences for the local and traveler alike. Some are grip-it-and-rip-it courses and others favor accuracy and planning over bombing drives.
In a previous golf blog, Golf for Beginners examined several golf shots players need to score low, from the approach shot to the putt, which accounts for about half of your score. Now that you are mastering the shots which will help lower your score, it is time to put it all together on the golf course.
This blog will help you select the best Myrtle Beach golf courses that benefit from the exactness of skill.
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Before I begin, let me ask your thoughts on the drive overrated?
The legendary Ben Hogan said no and maintained that the first shot you take will determine what is to follow on each hole but a drive doesn't necessarily commence with a driver. There are par 3's as well as dogleg holes where a driver would be ineffective or a deterrent for most golfers.
Blackmoor, a Gary Player signature golf course in Myrtle Beach, is probably one of the most well-known dogleg courses;  it delights players with six angled doglegs, so a driver is not necessarily your friend. Hole 5, a par-4, is the first dogleg hole you will attack at Blackmoor and, although you may need a driver off of the tee, you have to plan your strategy well so that you are in a position to get onto the green.
Litchfield Golf and Country Club is another course where you will use most clubs in your bag. Eight (some say twelve ?) doglegs span this track and accuracy off of the tee is most important to scoring well. This low country favorite also features tight fairways so sharpen up those irons as you will be playing target golf for most of this round.
Southcreek Golf Course, one of three Myrtle Beach National courses, is a shorter, shotmaker's course.  Waste bunkers are also in play here in addition to the doglegs so you have to navigate through a variety of challenges, considering all clubs in your bag. Short doesn't necessarily mean easy!
So now that we have given you a few golf courses with doglegs which favor accuracy, it is time to dust off those irons and start planning your shots to get on the green in the least number of strokes. That is the way to score better in golf!
Do you prefer doglegs or grip-it-and-rip-it golf courses? Let us know on Twitter @Golf4Beginners and in the comments section of this golf blog.

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