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My Week in Tweets

By Expatmum @tonihargis
So, spring-boarding off the guinea pig over at Mommy Has a Headache (who is rather an advanced porker if I may say so), here is my week in Tweets. For the non-Tweeps out there, that means all entries have to be under 140 characters.
Monday - "Dog, when you stop to poop, please come to a complete stop. This multi-tasking of walking & pooping is messy and looks utterly ridiculous." (138)
My Week in Tweets(Let's just say it doesn't end up looking like this!)
Tuesday - "Son, when you announce your leaning toward vegetarianism, I may need a few days to purchase sandwich material. I'm not bloody psychic!" (136)
Wednesday - "Of course none of the shorts that I've just bought the 8 y/o fit. I hate shopping with kids, but I may have to take him along next time. Pah"  (140 - Yes! Nailed it!)
Thursday - "What?!? It's not Friday yet. Gah - I hate it when I get out of bed thinking it's one day only to find I have a whole nuther 24 hours to go." (139)
Friday - "No son, you can't have the car tonight. I need it. Just because you passed your driving test yesterday doesn't mean it's "our" car. Sigh." (138)

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