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My Website Gets TONS of Traffic But Very Low Conversions! What Should I Do?

Posted on the 04 December 2012 by Jarvisedwards @jarvis_edwards

low conversion ratesWhat’s the point of generating TONS of web traffic that doesn’t convert to cash?

Low conversion rates are no laughing matter. If your website isn’t bringing you or your company any reason to visit the local bank on a regular, chances are good— that things won’t get any better!

This post isn’t going to ramble on about the aesthetics, appeal and graphics on your website. I’ll leave that to the graphic designers (or lack thereof) to probe, dissect and scrutinize. This is strictly a lesson in the structure of your website’s homepage (where your visitors usually go first), and how it coincides with your content to provide visitors with:

  • A reason to proceed to your offer
  • An easy WAY to proceed
  • A virtual hand to hold, to walk them through the process…
  • With as few distractions as possible

Allow me to provide you with a few to-the-point steps that you can take TODAY, to tackle the low conversion rates you’re faced with, once and for all. By the way, it just might not be a walk in the park. Let’s take a look….

Hold Their Hands

Yes, you read that correctly. Give your visitors options to act now. RIGHT NOW.

This can easily be accomplished by being more aware of your copy. Use action-based words such as “act now,” “call today,” “free quote,” “buy now,” “tell me more,” “learn more,” etc. Where should you use these terms? See the next point for the answer.

Use an “Above the Fold” Call to Action

Needing to scroll down to your call to action just might cost you a visitor— or ten, or thousands, or much more. What’s a fold? Simply put, position your call to action link (or button, banner, etc) where it is easily visible as soon as the visitor lands on your page.

Make it prominent so visitors can see it and take action without needing to play the guessing game. Here’s an example of the “read more” call to action used on my site. Used correctly, this WILL jump-start or even catapult your conversion rates. Try it and see.

Keep it Short, Stupid

That’s such a crass phrase, is it not? Well, you’d be surprised how many writers conjure up long, yawn-inducing ramblings disguised as web or sales copy, to only achieve the opposite result of what they intended in the first place: capturing the visitors’ attention! Low conversion rates, here they come.

My Website Gets TONS of Traffic But Very Low Conversions! What Should I Do?

Here’s a fact: most visitors don’t have time to read your copy word-for-word. Make it easily digestible by keeping it relevant, short and to the point. Include a “learn more” link below so they can invoke their rights to go further. Oftentimes, they won’t. Again, see my website for an example of this.

Avoid Countless Options and Links

I can’t get into detail on this topic because it’s subjective and your mileage will vary depending on the layout and the type of industry you or your company serves. However, cluttered homepages will only help to confuse your visitor, not impress them.

Keep the layout clean; if you must have a boatload of navigational links, logos, icons and what-not, keep them placed (out of sight) BELOW your call to action! Again (sing along with me), see my site for an example of this!

Research/Rework your Keywords

Low conversion rates and improperly researched keyword campaigns go hand in hand! If your keywords are pulling in buckets of traffic but a small percentage actually convert into business, there may be one or more forces at play:

  • Your chosen keywords may rank high in the search engines, but they are not related to your offer.
  • The keywords you selected pull enormous amounts of traffic looking for FREE information, not really to buy anything.
  • The content on your website is terrible or mediocre at best, and doesn’t compel buyers to take action. Contact a good copywriter to bail you out—sooner than later.
  • You chose the wrong advertising avenue for said keywords (can’t help ya’ there)
  • Your company’s website copy is crap. Call your graphic designer to rescue you. Call him/her NOW.

My Website Gets TONS of Traffic But Very Low Conversions! What Should I Do?
Stop Playing the “Guessing Game”

Regardless of the perception amongst your fellow employees or coworkers, assume your visitors are clueless about your brand. When at all possible (most cases), clearly state on your landing page:

Who you are, what you do, why you do it, where you do it, and for whom you do it for.

Make this message as brief and compelling as possible, so they will want to proceed further. Have a great copywriter incorporate these crucial items into your homepage’s copy.

With these tips in mind, low conversion rates will soon be out of your marketing vocabulary, correct? Good to hear!

By Jarvis EdwardsCommercial Copywriter

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