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My Wardrobe Today - Saturday

By Wardrobeoxygen
My Wardrobe Today - SaturdayDress - Banana Republic Outlet
Necklace - J. Crew Outlet
Shoes - Softspots "Ventura" (not pictured)
Sunglasses - Old Navy (a Sip and Swap score I forgot about)
Silver cuff and hoop earrings
I always forget to take pictures on weekends. On weekdays, we leave the house in the AM, my husband grabs his camera, drops me off at the Metro, drives home and puts the camera back on the top of the tallest bookcase in the house (far away from Emerson’s grabby hands). On weekends… we chill.
So this weekend when I went to our friends’ daughter’s first birthday I decided after a couple Miller Lites to take a MySpace-worthy (or maybe Wardrobe Oxygen circa 2006-worthy) photo of my outfit!
It was hot as heck this weekend, and one of my new Banana Republic Outlet sundresses came in handy. I swear, my life has completely transformed by owning a comfortable strapless bra – I wouldn’t have even glanced at this dress on the rack before, and now I have it in this olive color and a purple/black/cobalt print. In fact, all weekend I wore strapless sundresses thanks to my lovely lovely new bra!
Anyway, getting all AW but here’s some more pics from Saturday:
My Wardrobe Today - SaturdayMy little book lover (taken just before I had to wake her for the party).  She yanked all these books into bed with her during her nap. It's fun to listen to her "read" them aloud as she falls asleep
My Wardrobe Today - SaturdayBut of course the most stylish two-year olds this summer are donning oversized sunhat and Punky Brewster-esque bathing suits
My Wardrobe Today - SaturdayMy child loves cupcakes more than she does me and my camera
My Wardrobe Today - SaturdayBut who can blame her with cupcakes that look like this?  And let me tell you, they tasted as good as they looked!  My friend A is creative culinary genius!
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