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My Wardrobe Today - Monday

By Wardrobeoxygen @wardrobe_oxygen
My Wardrobe Today - MondayMy Wardrobe Today - MondayMy Wardrobe Today - MondayMy Wardrobe Today - MondayChambray shirt - Target (similar)
Skirt - LOFT (similar)
Belt - Another Line
Pumps - Nine West (similar)
Silver cuff
I finally got around to dry cleaning some of my clothes that were affected by the hurricane - I completely forgot this skirt was in my wardrobe! Glad to have it back before it gets too cold - not really the style that will look right with thick opaque tights. Unfortunately this skirt is also getting a bit big - I think I will try altering it though, this print is too cute to let go from my wardrobe!
How was everyone's weekend? Saturday Emerson and I went to swim lessons - not as good of a week as the one prior. While she was very sociable with the other kids, she didn't want to do any of the activities and there was a lot of screaming and crying. However, I had a blast and I realize how much I miss swimming. I was on swim team pretty much my entire childhood and adolescence - even on a winter team for a few years! Once college came I was a lifeguard every season. I had a blast floating, doing somersaults, flip turns and modified strokes while playing with Emerson. Those who wear contacts - how do you handle lap swimming? Do you just swim blind? Have you invested in prescription goggles? I would love to start swimming again but haven't been able to figure out this aspect as I didn't start wearing glasses/contacts all day long until 2004.
Anyway, later on Saturday we went to my best friend's house to celebrate her birthday - just a few close friends and family, roasted pork and cake. A good relaxing time! On yesterday, it was my best friend's actual birthday - she, her husband and my sister came over. My husband made beef stew, we hung out, caught up (hadn't seen her in weeks), and watched the Pearl Jam doc by Cameron Crowe (saved it on the DVR from the Friday showing on PBS).
My Wardrobe Today - Monday
I saw this cartoon recently in our local paper and it made me giggle out loud on the Metro.  While this is about the cartoonist finding haters online, I feel this fits perfectly well with us bloggers.  I have had far too many days ruined because some anonymous person or people wrote angry, mean, snarky or even untrue things about me and this blog.  I realized the problem isn't the folks leaving the comments or writing on the forum, but me.  The healthiest and best thing I have done for me and this blog lately is to stop checking my blog stats.  I still do once a week or so in order to check traffic changes, thank those who wrote about me, and see what posts are found the most on Google... but I don't obsess over what I find.  This simple elimination has made blogging far more enjoyable, less competitive, and less all-encompassing of the rest of my life.  If you're finding blogging to be exhausting, overwhelming, or just plain not fun any more I suggest you step away from the Google Analytics, invite a friend to coffee, and get a new book to enjoy.  Go back to how it was before you knew about SEO and Klout and Top Blog competitions.  You will be amazed with the difference, I think you too will find it's a helluva lot more fun!
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