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My Wardrobe Today - Friday

By Wardrobeoxygen @wardrobe_oxygen
My Wardrobe Today - FridayStriped top - J. Crew (no longer available - similar)
White jeans - Kut from the Kloth
Sandals - Payless
Silver necklaces - Tags-n-Stones for the "Emerson" pendant, big one I have had for eons
Bracelets - Tarnish (no longer available - similar), Until There's a Cure, my cuff I bought in '97, Treasure Tower (thread bracelets)
I am feeling very uninspired by my current wardrobe and I think it's time to spend a couple hours holed up in my bedroom, organizing and making decisions. Too many pieces that are too heavy for this weather, a few pieces that are too large, some pieces that are just feeling meh and need to be pushed to the back of the closet. I know I have all I need to get back on track... I just need a block of time where I can figure it all out!
So what are your plans for the holiday weekend? Our plans are pretty much the same as what we did last year. On the 3rd we head to North Beach where our very good friends live. They have a cookout and then we walk to the beach where they have fireworks. Looking forward to seeing their adorable little baby - I haven't seen him since April and Facebook photos aren't cutting it! On the 4th, we are going to stop by our dear friends' house, then head over to another friend's house for a second cookout, then to the local lake for fireworks. I am hoping Emerson will have a nice late nap one of these two days so she can see her first fireworks - she isn't afraid of loud noises (she likes thunder and motorcycles) and I think the experience will totally blow her mind!
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