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My Trip to the Vet....Twice

By Kristy @mileydailyscoop
Well it was bound to happen, mom found a hot spot on me...
My Trip to the Vet....Twice
She said I had to go to the vets to get it shaved and cleaned up...it was going to be really quick.
My Trip to the Vet....Twice
Nooooooo!!!! I tried to protest but off to the vets I went.
After a quick shave, the vet sent me home with some medicine to make sure there is no infection. Thirty minutes after taking it, I woke mom up.
I just didn't feel right....mom turned the lights on and a whole bunch of HBO words flew outta her mouth.
My Trip to the Vet....Twice
That's right, I blew up like a blowfish! After making sure I was breathing alright, being the typical blogger, mom grabs the camera.
Of course by this time the vets have closed and the nearest ER is 40 minutes away. So before I know it I had benadryl shoved down my throat and I was off on my 2nd trip to the vets!!! 
My Trip to the Vet....Twice
Here I am with dad after my first shot of benadryl.
My Trip to the Vet....Twice
And here I am planning my escape after feeling much better!
My Trip to the Vet....Twice
This place ain't so bad after all!!!
My Trip to the Vet....Twice
Maggie waited up for me til the wee hours of the morning. Actually, I think she was just wondering why she didn't get to go for a ride! BOL!
My Trip to the Vet....Twice
Today, I'm exhausted! Mom kept waking me up during the night to make sure I was ok.
She slept with a tiny flashlight under her pillow, guess it's better than that damn camera!
The one lesson I have learned through this whole ordeal:
There is no such thing as just a "quick trip to the vet".
And yes, I'll be milking this for allllll it's worth!

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