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My Travel Essentials // Travel

By Annamoss84 @missanniebean

My Travel Essentials // Travel
I do a lot of traveling and have done ever since I was a little girl. There are numerous tips and pointers I've picked up along the way, and only after getting involved with one of the travel chats on Twitter did I realize perhaps I should write a post about it. The image above is really the main things that will be either on me as carry on or an essential in my check in luggage.
Jacket // Regardless I always take a light jacket with spring/summer traveling. I love this one from River Island. 
Bag // A classic backpack is my favorite thing to take with me. Handbags and cross over bags never really cut the mustard for me. This is far more practical, plus getting a pretty one (like the Ted Baker one) makes it even better!
Skin Care // I  always needs a travel sized moisturiser, cleanser and toner. I feel lost and out of my routine without it. Sometimes I'll pop hand cream in and an anti bacterial gel - just to be safe! Obviously if you're heading to a hot country your sun protection lotions are a must. 
Trainers // Comfy shoes all the way! I can't beat a pair of trainers like Vans or Converse for traveling in. 
Portable Charger // With all those tweets and enviable Instagram pics, your phone battery will drain so having a charged up portable charger will keep you topped up
Straighteners // On a recent travel chat I explained I take hair straighteners not just for me hair, but also as a substitute iron. It's hard to do on some items but it beats having to pay for an ironing service, as many foreign hotels don't provide a complimentary one
Kettle // Like the iron situation many don't give you a kettle for tea. I sometimes don't think some countries understand our need for tea! I take herbal teas with me and my travel kettle. 
Passport Wallet // Keep your things together and also makes it easier to spot! I also have a travel money wallet and split my money up between my bag, my purse, my travel wallet and my suitcase. 
Sunglasses // This one is very obvious! 
Hair brush // Just brushing your hair after a long flight can make you feel so much better!
Watch // If your phone dies you need a watch. 
Books and Magazines // Plenty of these! Lots of my magazines basically travel with me and I never end up reading them, but if I find it hard to sleep at night these are my saviour! 
Wipes // Probably right up the top with importance, baby wipes or face wipes basically are a travel must in my eyes. You can freshen up, remove stains and keep clean! 
Those are my main bits but obviously things like toothbrush/toothpaste and your general holiday attire is important, but these are my top items. What do you believe is your travel essential? 

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