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My Third Grader's Favorite Read Aloud Of 2014

By Bellezza @bellezzamjs
My Third Grader's Favorite Read Aloud Of 2014
I have read so many wonderful books to my class this year. We have touched on every genre, from my personal favorite, Flora and Ulysses, to Martin Luther King, Jr.'s biography. But the hands down favorite, even of my beloved rapscallions, is this piece of historical fiction from Laura Ingalls Wilder.
"What do you like about it?" I asked them, as I was truly surprised it was their favorite. (Even though it's been one of my favorites for over thirty years.) And so they told me: "I think it was cool how they were able to survive all the dangerous things that happened to them." ~Natalie "I like that it had a different ending than most books." ~Zion "It doesn't tell you where they end up. You have to read more to find out." ~Robert "I loved it because it was full of action and very descriptive." ~Cole "I liked it because like Cole said, there's a lot of action. And, my favorite part was the scream in the night with the panther screaming, and then the Indian shot it." ~M. J. "I like the prairie fire because everybody was panicking and getting water." ~Michael "I liked how Pa was so brave to go out at night when it was so dark and the scream was right under his feet." ~Katherine "I liked when Mr. Scott fainted down in the well, and Pa went down to get him when all the water was coming up." ~Emily "I liked when she talked about her life. Other books talk about other people's lives, but she talked about her life. She's telling it like she's living it right now." ~Michelle "(I learned to) never give up no matter how bad it is." ~Erjon "If you're complaining now, look at the people in the past." ~Romaan These smart children of mine. They know that a good book is beautiful writing, an interesting story, and lessons we can take away with us after reading it.  And to think they're only eight years old.

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