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My Summer Through the Eyes of a 6-8 Month Old

By Baltimoreblonde @laurmiller11
While I didn't mean for my blog to turn into a mommy blog, I've been inspired by my son to write this post because this summer has been unlike any other. It's been spent in t-shirts and shorts instead of perfectly coordinated work clothes and going out outfits. It's been spent discovering the world like it's the first time I've seen it because for my son is his first summer. 
Summer has always been my favorite season...sunshine, beach vacations, swimming, BBQ's, fireflies! For Maverick and I, we played in the pool for the first time, swang on swings for the first time, went on our family's boat for the first time, felt sand between our toes and the ocean's waves for the first time. We listened to the ocean in Florida and the crickets in Mt. Gretna. We cheered for the Orioles at Camden Yards, rolled in the grass and felt the warmth of the sunshine on our faces. 
It was one of the simplest yet most exciting summers I can remember and while it had it's ups and downs and repetitive days, I wouldn't trade the experience for anything in the world!
My Summer Through the Eyes of a 6-8 Month Old

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