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My Style: Asymmetry

By Imogenl @ImogenLamport

my style asymmetry and why I love it

Another element of my style is that I am rather fond of asymmetry in garments.

I love the diagonal line – it creates movement and action and for me a little quirky interest too.

Balance and symmetry are great (and people who have a preference for Classic clothing tend to avoid asymmetry), but it’s something for me that brings me joy.

how to interpret what you wear

I love an asymmetrical hem (particularly over my middle) as it takes away one more horizontal line (that can look widening and unflattering if on the wrong point on your body).

It could come in a smaller detail such as this lace necklace from Epuu Designs.

Asymmetrical lace necklace

This dress is feminine with it’s intricate pattern and it goes so well with the lace necklace that is in a similar hue and almost repeats the fabric pattern.

It could be an asymmetrical neckline like my wedding dress had.

This dress is a true reflection of my style

This dress is a true reflection of my style

Or at neckline, sleeve and hemline – this Alfia Galimova original design would be an example of that.

Alfia Galimova Design Grey Silk

Or just a fairly discreet asymmetrical hemline – such as the one this Alfia Galimova design dress has.

Alfia Galimova design blue dress - why I love asymmetry

So why do I love asymmetry?  Well it brings that important creative element of my personality to my outfit, and that’s a really important element of my style.

How do you feel about asymmetrical details on your clothing?

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