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My Spirit Animal is the Magpie

By Astylizedhysteria

I’m taking a break from my self-imposed blogging break to share my newest DIY. Seeing as I have no plans to bear children, this will likely be my most favorite and best creation.

A few weeks ago, I saw this picture.

My Spirit Animal is the Magpie

I knew I had to try and make something similar. I spent weeks looking for a cheap pair of boots to glitterize. I found some pretty decent options, but I ended up going with a pair of new Aldo boots. Kind of goes against the DIY- ideal, but I wanted something comfy since I know I’ll end up wearing them pretty often.

My Spirit Animal is the Magpie

There are a few different instructions for this floating around (try here or here), but the instructions are pretty damn simple. You need: boots, fine sandpaper (give your boots a quick sanding before starting), clear craft glue, and glitter. I used a coarse gold glitter and a finer orangey-rust glitter, and I also grabbed a fine-tipped glue applicator for the corners.

My Spirit Animal is the Magpie

Oh, how the glitter flew. After letting the glue dry for a few days, I stomped around outside to get the excess glitter off. I’m not going to lie, leaving a trail of glitter when I walk is pretty much the best thing ever.

The whole project took about 40 minutes, maybe. But the need to glitter wasn’t completely out of my system and a starfish was a casualty of the glitter war. Luckily, the cats were outside for most of the day and managed to avoid my glitter-encrusted grasp. For now.

Oh, right, back to the boots. Check ‘em out, yo!



blazer- swapped
shirt- H&M
jeans- Gap
bracelets- Forever21


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