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My Secret Obsession with Poker

By Catty212
As you'll have seen from some of my previous posts, I'm a big fan of competitions and of course winning! There's nothing better than a lovely prize turning up in the post, or the opportunity to be able to buy something you'd never have been able to afford. I enter competitions online as it's the most simple way.
I do also like the odd few pound on the football or a horse (who made online gambling so easy?!). I dream of winning millions and I'm forever planning/dreaming/wishing about what I could buy.
I have developed a little obsession with the late night Poker on the TV. I sometimes catch it when I'm up feeding The Little Man if I'm lucky. I love to be able to see the players cards from 'under the table' and in my head decide how I'd play the game, plus who wouldn't want to win the crazy amounts of money that are usually offered? The excitement for the players must be amazing, the chance of winning a massive jackpot, sometimes purely from the turn of a card!
Now don't get me wrong, I'm by no means an expert but I CAN play poker, I'm not sure whether my hubby is impressed by this or not, because I am better than him! I'd imagine he's been the victim of some ridicule from his friends, so some tips on how to bluff in poker probably wouldn't go amiss! As with everything, the internet can help.
Check out this Youtube video for some handy hints on how to be amazing at poker.

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