mY scHOol My liFe

Posted on the 27 August 2013 by Syed Ashhad @syedashhad
I remembr the day i enterd here,
full of xctement and a little fear.
"ths is it!!!"my heart said;
its euphoria gripd me,toe to head. 
when the day ended, i had sum frnds dear;
i was happy and loved to be here.
Frm draging of feets to battling for seats;
frm chalk fight to sneaking into exam sheets; 
ths is where u and life meet
frm bangng on chair;
to playng truth and dare;
ths is my skul and my heaven was here
the bunkng of periods, the sleepng in class
oh! I am going to mis it alas! 
Her first luk,the frst stare
frm imitatng teachers to hot gossip affairs
i am going to mis ths place,my heart lies here!
Here i discovrd myself, i made frndz
the journey which startd,i hope,never ends
frm weird hairstyles to crazy beards
frm tears to gosip evrythng we shared!
The ground,the buildng,the clases the air
i wil never forgt it,i made my lyf here
Now,when i am levng ths place, my eyes r wet
mind ful of memries,i wont forget
it kils me to thnk that i am leavng ths place
fr smthng stpid,filthy rat chase
my soul's wounded, my heart's bare
bt its gona be with me coz i lvd my life here

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