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My Personal Goals for 2017 That Are Going To Be Awesome.

By Midlifemargaritas @mdlifemargarita

My Personal Goals for 2017 That Are Going To Be Awesome.

What’s up Sugar Britches?!

Are you like me and still reeling from Christmas cooking, cleaning, family, gifts and not enough alcohol in the world? And my Jewish friends, are you still in the throes of this wonderfulness! Should we talk about New Year’s Resolutions yet?

NO. lol I loathe the phrase “New Year’s Resolutions”. Why? Because NO ONE keeps them. Instead, some years (BTW 2017 is going to be an awesome year!) I like to sit down and write out mini-goals. You know, like getting organized around the house, planners, projects, kids and hubby stuff and life in general. I may not stick to them, but writing out some goals makes me feel like I am going to actually accomplish something this year.

Never diet goals. I think writing out diet goals is giving  permission to Satan to sabotage me. I’m southern and I’m pretty sure if you remove fried chicken and biscuits from me, I. Would. Die. SO…I thought I would trick my brain this year and set mini food goals each month. Instead of taking away things I love, I would ADD things like drink more water, add more veges, walk more etc. Those of you that know me are laughing your asses off right now. I swear I am going to try this method and see if I can lose a few pounds. I’m not looking to get skinny, just want to feel a little better. Stop laughing. Seriously.

Other goals? I want to purge ALL the junk in our house and store it for the spring and have a huge yard sale. That project will take all winter. We have crap everywhere. I live with hoarders. Sometimes I feel they can sense me lurking in the dark corners trying to hide their stuff they never use so I can add it to the purge pile. Then the crap re-appears and they act like they still use it. Not in 2017! I am claiming the crap and selling it!

Blog goals!: At the end of January my little blog will be 1-year-old! I am still having lots of fun writing about my crazy life. I have made new friends because of this blog and I have some new things happening soon because of new friendships! I wanted to write a book before I turned 40. Well, I didn’t meet that goal but it could happen soon! So many surprises but I can’t say just yet. Don’t want to jinx anything. But I am looking forward to working with a few awesome bloggers this year on some fun stuff.


Midlife ain’t so bad y’all! So if any of you are just hitting your midlife or going through it right now, take a breath. It’s not the end of the world. It’s just getting started. 2016 might not have been a stellar year, but 2017 is going to rock. I can feel it. Maybe it’s the mimosa talking but I really think it’s going to be awesome. Set those goals!

As always, feel free to comment, like, share or email me! I love getting your pictures and stories some of you have sent me!

My Personal Goals for 2017 That Are Going To Be Awesome.

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