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My, Or Her, New Bra

By A Happy Mum @A_Happy_Mum
I brought Angel out shopping for maternity bras a few days ago. It made me feel proud like a peacock that for a rare time in my life, I could browse through the C Cup section. I mean, C is not big big but it's a huge leap for me. Read about the va-va-voom part of pregnancy.
Back at home, we were running out of ideas for play since our shipment has not arrived and our room is basically quite bare. Naturally, we started to explore our newly bought items.
It's not the first time Angel has seen a bra, I mean, we bathe together often and basically she has already grasped the concept that 1) Only big girls wear bras, 2) Bras are to cover breasts, 3) Boys don't have breasts and don't need bras.
Nonetheless, it was the first time she actually requested to put on a bra.
For the fun of it, why not? I thought.
So with the bra in its original state with the hooks fastened, I slipped the straps onto her shoulders and voila, took this first picture of my girl wearing a bra.
My, or her, new braOk, I mean in a bra and her pajamas.  Disappointed?
The funny thing was, after she put it on, she actually gave a dismayed expression and I was half thinking maybe she found the bra too big for her when she said,

"Mummy, you forgot to help me hook at the back!"
Right, my dear. You never fail to amaze me and make me laugh.
Still, I guess when the real time comes for you to wear a bra, mummy's going to teach you to fasten the hooks but after that, I'll cry at a corner when I realize that my little girl's all grown up.
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My, or her, new bra

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