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My Night out with a Couple of Men.

By Threesixfive @MamaChaser
Trust me when I say that date night is not often.So when my brother offered (or did I volunteer him?) to babysit on Wednesday night we jumped at the chance.

Being sick coupled with having a baby and working from home makes life a little more interesting for me and for my family. I don't leave the house all too often and with that I sometimes get a bit of cabin fever - the same four walls is a bit boring after a while.When Roman was new we would just take him out with us or would leave him with a trusted and close family member. Ro goes to sleep around 7pm so it's a "see you on the sofa for dinner" scenario between me and B these days.Well, we went to see X-Men. If you're a child of the mid 90s you'll remember the Saturday morning cartoon version of the X-Men (Wolverine was so hot as a cartoon. Phew!). I know that it's also a comic, sorry 'graphic novel', but comics graphic novels bore me to tears. When I was 15 the X-Men movie came to VHS (wow I am so retro right now) and I have been a fan of every single X-Men or X-Men related movie since then. So last night we went to see X-Men: The First.

My night out with a couple of men.

Scottish eye candy: James McAvoy. 

Can I just do my name dropping thing right here and say that me and Mr McAvoy (pictured above) used to live on the same street in London? And by street I mean two or three streets away. Oh yes and I saw him riding on his scooter one day. And guess what? It was at a red light. And guess what again? He WINKED and WAVED at me. I giggled like a school girl and ran away, of course, because I drop about thirty IQ points around cute Hollywood types. And he's married (and was married at the time.) Shameless or what! ;).Anyway...he played a great Xavier. And Magneto was hot, too. And they both have wrinkles. I just wanted to point that out because I noticed that most, if not all, of the women in that film were smoothed to perfection - within an inch of their lives. Also, there  was a scene in which they were all wearing these camp yellow suits and of course the men were all zipped up to their chins but one of the women wore it practically unzipped to her belly button.

Me and B enjoyed it; me laughing when the rest of the cinema was deathly silent (don't you hate when you do that?), us giving each other knowing looks when the film made reference to the older X-Men films (we are nerds!) and let's not forget the part where you get to see why Charles Xavier ended up in a wheelchair - really good stuff.
I'll say no more because I think I've *ahem* said quite enough as it is. Over all the film was pretty good - of course not a patch on the first X-Men film ;). 

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