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My New Latest Novel❤

By Latoya @latoyallawrence

Jordanna’s customers are dropping like flies when they buy and consume the decadent array of incomparable and matchless handmade pastries of her family-owned bakehouse that are literally a cut above the rest in comparison to her competitors.

Is there something speculative in the recipe? Could it be the unethical managing of an employee? Could there be a contamination somewhere in the ingredients of specific items ordered and delivered to the shop? Or is the sudden fatality of consumers who patronize Irresistible Bites Bakehouse just victims of their own demise or unfortunate circumstance?

Detective Grayson Waylon would sure like to know the answer as he is the lead investigator boggled by the mystery behind a string of unsolved deaths undetectable by medical examiners conducting autopsies on the bodies that start to build up.

In a case of unknown causes of death tied to a common thread there is no evidence to show or to prove Jordanna’s bakery as the main source for foul play.

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