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My Morning Routine

By Imogenl @ImogenLamport


Sensodyne Morning Routine

What does your morning routine look like?

Mine goes something like this:

Wake Up – around 7am

Get Up – and have a shower

Dress Up – in something that makes me feel great

Make Up – it takes no more than 5 minutes

Pretty Up – hair is 3 minutes or less

Tszuj Up- which accessories for the day?  They are the icing on my sartorial cake!

Eat Up – time for breakfast for the whole family including Cleo (and to make the kids lunches for school)

Brush Up – once we’ve eaten, it’s time to brush our teeth

Tidy Up – make beds, tidy the house before we leave for the day

Kids Morning Routine

My kids will:

Catch Up – on homework if they’ve missed doing it the night before

Practice Up – my daughter is learning the violin and has to practice each day

Eat Up – a nutritious breakfast helps them learn at school

Clean Up – the dishes after breakfast and stack them in the dishwasher

Brush Up – their teeth, as I’m always telling them, if you don’t look after them you won’t grow any extras

Pack Up – homework and lunches in school bags

And then it’s time to go to school.

My Makeup Routine

Quite often, other mothers will tell me that they don’t have time to put on makeup, yet it’s a grooming habit that only takes a few minutes:

  • a BB cream – love these all in one products – sunscreen and tinted moisturiser!
  • a little concealer around my eyes -  get rid of those dark circles from lack of sleep
  • quick dusting of mineral powder – this replaces liquid foundation
  • blush – to give me a glow and some color in my cheeks
  • eyeshadow – first some eyeshadow based to stick it all down, then a couple of colours – not too dark for daytime!
  • eyeliner and mascara – cos I’ve got blonde lashes!
  • lippy – either lip gloss or lipstick, depends how I’m feeling (plus I once read a study that found that women who wear lipstick every day have much lower incidences of lip cancer).

and I’m done.

I think of it just like the habit of brushing our teeth morning and night.   Grooming is one of the key elements to looking stylish.

Speaking of brushing, I’ve long been a user of Sensodyne, in fact from around the age of 25, after my dentist recommended it to me as I was having some tooth sensitivity to cold and it reduced my sensitivity.

The great thing about Sensodyne Complete Care is that it adds a protective layer to your teeth.  It also helps to protect your enamel which we all know is super important.

Sensitivity often comes with receding gums, which according to my dentist are common in people who’ve had braces (yes I had them as a teenager, I wasn’t born with such straight teeth sadly), and of course age is another factor, not that I look a day over 25 still (in candlelight)!

What is great, is that these days Sensodyne is not just for sensitive teeth, but provides solutions for your oral care needs, from floss and brushes, super important for gum health, to whitening formulas to get rid of those lovely red wine and coffee stains on your teeth that creep up over time (that make you look older).   Gum health and clean teeth not only makes you healthier but also white healthy teeth and gums make you look younger too (bonus!).

Plus, I’m a little paranoid about bad breath.  I work closely with my clients and would hate to think that I’m breathing nasty, stinky breath onto them, fortunately, Sensodyne helps to keep my breath fresh and my teeth white!


This is sponsored post by Sensodyne. For the relief of sensitive teeth. Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist see your dentist.

SENSODYNE is a registered trade mark of the GlaxoSmithKline group of companies. For more information on the Sensodyne range, or to report an Adverse Event, please contact the GSK product information line on 1800 028 533.

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