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My Lost Family by @dannyb_m & @0_dasha_1

By Pamelascott

Growing up in a poor Yiddish speaking home in 1950s London, Lillian - and then just a teenager - marries charming older man Raymond. One day he takes their children to the local park. But he never returns.

When they reappear 40 years later - the search for the truth begins.

Unfolding like a mystery, we follow Danny Ben-Moshe and his eccentric Jewish family as they unearth secrets, attempt to reconcile, and hear shocking news that sheds a new light on events.

This series builds upon the story from Danny's award-winning documentary film My Mother's Lost Children.


(Audible Original, 3 October 2019, 2 hours 15 minutes, audiobook, Audible Original Podcast free from @audibleuk with membership, various narrators)



I feel quite stunned after listening to this. I still can't get my head around what happened to Lillian and her children. I don't suppose Danny and his family will ever get the whole story. I don't understand how Raymond could just take the children and vanish. I don't understand why Lillian's family did not contact the police and allowed him to kidnap them. It's not as simple as it appears but the gist of what happened is that Lillian and her family put little effort into finding them and did not contact the police. I can't get my head around it. I appreciate Lillian was only 15 when she married him, 18 at the time it happened and very naïve. But she wasn't alone. She had family who were older and should have stepped in. I found this incredibly sad to listen to. At one point Danny meets Raymond who comes across as a waste of space and basically blames Lillian saying she was a terrible mother and she planned to sell the children which is why he took them. What story is true?

Lost Family @dannyb_m @0_dasha_1

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