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My Last First Day of School

By Cestlabellevie @cestlabelle_vie
Today was my first day of my last year of school.
But more importantly, you may see something missing in these photos...
first day of school 1
first day of school 2
first day of school 3
I went in for an x-ray appointment yesterday and the doctor said it was ready to come off right then--I about died of excitement. The fracture is still a bit there, my arm is stiff and sore, and I have to wear a wrist brace for a few more weeks (which I took off for these photos, don't tell my doctor), but I am so so happy! I can wear all my clothes again! and take normal showers! I feel like myself again, and I'm so relieved. Just in time for classes to start, and this quarter is going to be a doozy--but it's my last year, so I plan on appreciating every second. My first day was started off with a walk to our downtown Starbucks with my roommate...a cinnamon dulce latte and a warm morning bun are the best way to start a new quarter (not to mention adjusting to waking up before 10am).
How are your classes? Or if you're graduated, do you miss having a first day of school?
romper: Forever 21 (my sister's), jacket: Thrifted, shoes: Urban Outfitters, bag: TJ Maxx

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