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My Landscape Photography

By Ninstravelog @ninstravelog

I haven't written anything about escaping from Qatar and suddenly ending up in the UK, and I feel guilty about it. Honestly, I didn't know how to begin, as time flies so quickly and here we are well in to 2016 where the travel story has already passed by, and its hard to fully recall as well as linking up with all my recent stories, as it is totally different from my new world now. However, this Weekly Photo Challenge theme 'Landscape' might give me an excuse to recall of some things of what I did last year.

I purposely packed my bag in such a way that all my better camera gear was always handy, to capture better pictures during my trip focusing on landscape photography genre. But being an avid Landscape Photographer turns out difficult to get a good landscape pictures on the road. Here are some examples:


All pictures are taken on the east coast of Australia, mainly in Queensland. I sort of stopped trying to get a good shot after this....

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