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My Husband,The Alcoholic

By Upliftingfam @upliftingfam

My Husband,The AlcoholicIf you have ever dealt with an alcoholic in your family, you probably know how devastating it can be. Today, I wanted to share another mom’s story in hopes to inspire other’s to seek help if they are caught in this situation. Even if your spouse or family member doesn’t have an addiction to alcohol or drugs, there are countless other addictions that can rob a person from their family such as gambling, smoking, shopping, porn, sexting, ect.

Disclosure: All names have been changed to protect the identity of the writer. If you know someone struggling with addiction, please don’t hesitate to turn to your local county mental health or a licensed professional who can help with addiction. If a person is in immediate life threatening danger, please call 911 or emergency personal.

It was 8pm when I got the call at work. My daughter was to be picked up from her ballet class at 6:30 pm but after repeated calls to her dad, my husband, she was still there – waiting. Luckily, her teacher was nice enough to sit with her inside, as the rain poured on the streets outside. My husband of thirteen years had promised to pick her up, as well as getting dinner and the dry cleaning so that I could come home and relax after what had been a hellish day at the office. 

My husband was nowhere to be found.

Hours passed and I’d reached my breaking point. When he came stumbling in, I helped him off to bed, took away his bottle of whiskey, and told him that we’d talk in the morning. For so many of us, this is a scene that we’ll replay over and over again… the breaking point before he had to get clean, or pack his bags.

The next morning, my husband and I began to talk about the previous night. I had spent the entire evening looking at male rehabilitation centers, and he was in agreement that it was time for him to get help. As we packed his bags, I think we both knew that for the first time in years, this was the one that would bring recovery. He knew it had to, or he risked losing his marriage, his family, and everything he cared about. My husband was ready to get sober for the first time in years. 

He was no longer a “heavy” drinker… he was now a “problem” drinker – an alcoholic - and that had to change.

Over a year has gone by and I’m proud to report that my husband hasn’t had a drink since. He wanted me to share this story for those of you that were going through similar problems, and seeking recovery options. In his words, the three most important things on the road to recovery are (in order):

The will to change.

This is obviously the most important. You can’t wake up one day and decide to be sober. It’s a process and a very difficult one at that. Without the mindset that you’ll never have another drink, you’re just doomed to repeat the actions that got you to this point.

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