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My Favourite Podcasts (for Now)

By Burutapen

As you know, i am an architect, and although times have changed , architects still spend a lot of time drawing.

Personally, i need to be listening to something whilst i work as it keeps my mind focused and alert. It can either be music , an audio book or more frequently a podcast.

I have, for a while wanted to share those i have learnt and / or enjoyed most using the platform of my blog, so here they are:

Accidental creative , Todd Henry’s tips targeted to creatives.

The human business way, a fun place full of people doing things differently (in a good way)

Seth Godin’s Startup School,

Freakonomics, the place where you learn thing such as “the upside of quitting” , “the church of scionology” or “how to choose your hometown”

99% invisible .On design , architecture and other things that shape our world

TED Talks , inspiration

Manager tools, great tips to become a better manager.

Micro entrepeneur, Women Unlimited ‘s business podcasts for small business owners

The bottom line, Great choice of current topics discussed by a panel

On the money, Discussion focussed on topics

Photography by Cristina Lanz-Azcarate

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