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My Favorite Tweets

By Lisa @Lisapatb
Do you favorite your favorite tweets?
My Favorite Tweets
Here are some of my favorite tweets that I have favored. All you do is push the Star button on Twitter to favor your favorites.
  • NewsMeBack NewsMeBack Our and citizen journalism friends… @pciudadano @Lisapatb 22 hours ago Unfavorite Retweet Reply
  • Ms__Positivity Melissa Lopez Follow some of the most #Spectacular peeps ever @ronadmitchell @yvonnechasela @tonya_bolling @loveallwords @lisapatb (via @ffhelper) 23 hours ago Unfavorite Retweet Reply
  • DvrDame Rebecca Pacrem @Lisapatb thanks mentioning yousaytoo! I've been getting a lot of views from this website. 10 Oct Unfavorite Retweet Reply
  • yourgirlamy amy wettig happy customers are your greatest advertisers 9 Oct Unfavorite Retweet Reply
  • PaulBritPhoto Paul Roberts Twitter SHOULD be about REAL relationships, not digital brown-nosing. Otherwise it's not real, and neither are you. #paulquote #paultip 9 Oct Unfavorite Undo Retweet Reply
  • TheNewModernMom Candice Moretti I gave @lisapatb +K about Blogging on @klout… 8 Oct Unfavorite Retweet Reply
  • twithelpbot TwithelpBot @Lisapatb you've been awarded the BRONZE Helper badge on @twithelpme… 7 Oct Unfavorite Retweet Reply
  • Texascopywriter Samantha Gluck #ff @lisapatb b/c she's a wonderful friend, honest & intelligent. She's always there when I need her. xoxo LUV U (via @ffhelper) 20 hours ago Unfavorite Retweet Reply
  • EuroBeads Susan Condon I've met the nicest people on Twitter! We really do live in a very small world! Enjoying this beautiful day with a happy heart! 14 Sep Unfavorite Undo Retweet Reply
  • My Favorite Tweets I could list more but you can always check out someone's favorites right on Twitter. You an also sign up at Favstar to be listed with your favorites. You just sign in with your Twitter account and away you go to a service that tracks the most favorited tweets tweeted.
    Do you favorite your favorite tweets on Twitter?

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