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My Favorite Gift...

By Midwesterngirl @MidwesternGirl5
Merry merry everyone!
Christmas is right around the corner - can you even believe it?! - and I can't wait!
I'm a huge proponent of the idea that giving is way better than getting...but I gotta be honest - getting isn't too bad, either.
And, because my darling children can't always be trusted to get me exactly what I want (case in point: For my birthday, I asked for a certain cookbook and received a phone charger...???), I decided to get my own gift this year.
Now you've heard me talk about this company before...I've worked with them for a couple of years now...but I've never been more excited about their products than I am now.
JORD (pronounced YODE) is a St. Louis-based company that makes the most beautiful watches...and this is the gorgeous piece I recently received.
My favorite gift...
Meet the CASSIA Ebony & Sable
Isn't she GORGEOUS?!
JORD describes this watch as "the statement piece you've been waiting for."
And they're absolute right.
My favorite gift...
Now, I will admit, before working with JORD I wasn't much of a "watch person."
I mean, I used to be - like 20 years ago - but I figured, I have my phone now - what on earth do I need a watch for?
My husband, however, LOVES watches and has an entire collection...including several from JORD.
After seeing how much he loved the quality, craftsmanship & style of his JORD pieces - and seeing how many freaking compliments he would get while he was wearing one -  I decided it was time for me to try wearing a watch again.
Now I don't go a day without wearing one of my beautiful wrist feels naked without one.
Plus, it just looks so darn good!
My favorite gift...
And, because I love you guys so much, and I want to share my love for these gorgeous piece of jewelry, I want to give one of you $100 off the watch of your choice from JORD...yayayay!
All you have to do is enter HERE!
And guess what? Even if you don't win, all entrants will be emailed a code for 10% off the watch of their choice!
Honestly, these watches are the perfect gift for anyone on your list...and I highly recommend them.
Wouldn't a JORD watch look so lovely under your tree this year?
My favorite gift...
Here are just a few facts of about JORD watches...
*JORD watches are a sophisticated mix of natural & largely reclaimed materials, combined with quality movements and components.
* Most watch backplates can be engraved! I had this one (the Frankie Koa & Ash) engraved with our wedding date for my husband last year...
My favorite gift...
My favorite gift...
Gorgeous, right?
* Watches can be pre-sized for the recipient, too!
* Most watches have additional options for customization, too! Like mixing & matching faces and woods! What??? I know! So good!
Plus, every watch comes with a one year warranty and options for return & exchange.
ENTER HERE for your chance to win a $100 gift code toward your favorite JORD watch!
But don't delay - the contest ends January 1, 2019!
My favorite gift...

Thank you so much for entering! And Merry Christmas everyone!

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