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My Experience with Forest Fires.

Posted on the 10 March 2021 by Priyadarshi @priyadarshi64

Raging ground fire in forests of Ranchi and its surrounding is posing a threat to environment.


Dr. Nitish Priyadarshi.

Environmentalist and Assistant Professor Department of Geology,

Ranchi University, India.

My experience with Forest Fires.

“Forest”– whenever we hear this word, all our mind presumes is – a vast area of land covered with green patches, which may consist of wildlife flourished with different verities of flora and fauna, and of course tribal people residing and relying in & on the forest respectively. 

My experience with Forest Fires.

It was 6th March 2021.  I decided to drive for Sita falls and Jonha falls near Ranchi city, capital of Jharkhand state, India. Both the falls are situated deep into the dense forests of Jharkhand.  I took my kids with me.  Weather was quite and dry with 26 degree centigrade. As I was about to reach Sita Falls my son saw smoke coming out of the forest. Valley was covered with dense smoke. As we got closer to our destination and further deep into the forest I saw aggressive flames of fire coming out of forest beds in different geometrical forms. Mild, hot and dry winds of spring were triggering the fire. I stopped my car to observe this scenario up close and take few pictures. 

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