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My Energy/My Identity/My Way Out

By Latoya @latoyallawrence

Each And Every Day I Get Confirmation About The Very Valuable Lessons That I Have Learned Throughout Life.

The Firm And Steady Flashes And Flashbacks/Visions, Premonitions/Empathy, Voices/Clairaudience, And Foreshadows/Dreams Continue To Serve As A Guide Into The Secrets Of My Preservation.

Preternatural Intervention Is All Around Me. I Cannot Run, And I Can’t Hide Because I Cannot Run Away From Myself, And I Can’t Run Away From The Truth.

And The Truth Is That I Am Constantly Being Set Free By Any Negative Chains Or Binds That May Try To Pursue Me And Hold Me Back.

The Major Key Parts To My Freedom Comes From My Cooperation With Adhering To My Innate Characteristics And Further Developments That Go Along With The Explorations And Experiences In Life.

Honesty Is The Vital Factor, And Not Only That But Acting It Out.

As I Validate Myself Through Conduct, Submitting To The Gratification Of My Behavioral Patterns, Without Compromising My Standards Or Personality For Anyone And Anything Else I Receive Great Reward.

And The Present To Me Is The Unaltered Gift Of Life. And What I Mean By That Is Living Consistent In The World Of My Circumstances.

The More That I Operate Genuinely The Further I Will Go And Move On Without Interruptions Or Distractions.

I Had To Reminisce To A Time During My Beginnings So I Could Verify The Unique Individual That Gave Me Definition.

The Person Who Worked For Me Years Ago Is The Same Person Who Will Work For Me Now-But With Deeper Improvement.

I Am The One Who Did, And Who Is Seriously Loving And Doing Myself Right. The Way That I Am Suppose To. The Way That I Have To.

I Have A Mind And A Body For Me To Use And Reuse. I Am To Concurrently Think And Perform. Led By The Spiritual Connection Between Mental And Physical Stimulation Comes The Roles Of Mutual Responsibility.

Life In This World Is Hard Enough As There Is Always Someone Or Something That Will Try To Persuade And Throw You Off Track . This Society Is A Very Coercing One.

I Question This So Called Reality Though.

I Do Not At All Buy Into What This World Sells And That Is Why I Survive. I Hold On To What I Know. What I Surely Believe. And At No Cost Will I Be Maneuvered. There Is Too Much At Stake. And One Must Fight To See Their Way Out.

Battling Does Not Necessarily Have To Constitute For Roughness And Harshness. The Wrestle Can Be Easy And Smooth. And It Can Go Over Just As Nice And Calm As A Cool Breeze.

It Is All A Matter Of How One Chooses To Go About Doing The Fight. And We All Have Our Own Ways In Which We Proceed With Protection.

My Harmonious Way Out Is Through Veracity. That Is Just The Condition I Am Constructed In.

Every Time I Justifiably Ignore The Outside World’s Standards, Requirements, And Restrictions And Heed To My Own Unconventional Quality, Reasoning, And Approach. Doors Continue To Open Up For Me.

Each Act Of Loyalty To Myself Takes Me Steps And Steps Further Out Of Closed Doors.

Repression Locks One Up. And The World That We Live In Is Very Well Known To Subjugate When It Comes To The Controversial And Unique.

Why Yield To Someone Or Something That You Are Not Of, Or To What Does Not Suit You? In That A Person Is Denying Oneself.

How Can You Go Forward By Allowing Yourself To Be Held Back? You May Move In An Ahead Direction But You Are Not Going To Get To The Place Where You Are Suppose To Go Intact-If You Arrive There At All.

I Release The Strains Of Bondage Whenever It Wants To Burden Me-And Bondage Comes In Many Forms Whether It Is From People Or Negative Energies-Naturally And Automatically By Dedication And Commitment To Establishing Myself.

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