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My Emancipation “I’m A True Free Spirit”

By Latoya @latoyallawrence

It Is So Deep How Sick The People In This World Are. I Learned A Long Time Ago That Logic Cannot Be Explained To People Who Are Disturbed.

These People In Particular Are Feeble-Minded And Consider “Gossip” As A Vital Source Of Knowledge And Life. “Bullshit” Figures Prominently In Their Lives.

It Is Very Pathetic The Way Their Minds Work. And It Is Very Foreign To Me How They Are Mentally Designed-Among Other Things About Them.

I Feel Like A Foreigner In A Strange Land. This World Is Definitely Not My Habitat, Especially From What I’ve Experienced Through Out The Years Here On Earth. And That Is A Good Thing For Me. I Am Not Of The World And I Am Definitely Not Of Them.

I Am Thirty-Seven Years Old And Find It Truly Ridiculous That These Idiots Could Actually Believe That I Would Be Affected In Any Way By Their Nonsense. I Wasn’t Affected By Things Of This Nature When I Was A Child.

While I Do Understand That It Is Hard To Find People Who Are On My High Level And That I Won’t Find Too Many That Are, There Is Absolutely No Excuse For The Extreme Ignorance.

These People Who I Speak Of Do Not Know Me Personally But They Know Of Me. And They Are Trying To Retaliate Against Me For Speaking Out The Truth About A Few Of Their Kind (Garbage) In A Particular Post.

Their Witchcraft And Black Magic Does Not Work On Me Because I Am Way Too Powerful For Them All So They Have Resorted To Verbal Mind-Game Bullshit That I Don’t Give A Darn About! (I Never Did And Never Will).

They Are Severely Frustrated Because They Cannot And Will Not Ever Be Able To Get To Me. Why Am I So Important To These Degenerates? Only If They Knew All Of The Things That I Know About What Is Going On!

Yesterday, At The Supermarket, While I Was Piling My Groceries At The Checkout, A Young Guy And Girl Purposely Profiled In Front Of Me In An Attempt To Get Me To Desire A Love Relationship. I Naturally And Totally Paid Them No Attention As It Set Off No Interest In Me.

This Afternoon, Silly Young Females On Three Different Occasions Talked And Made Gestures At Me. And All Along The Whole Time My “Radar” Just Picked Up Information On Them. Oh What Fools They Are!

Years Ago, My Enemies Told Lies On Me. I Didn’t Care. Those Lies Had Nothing To Do With Me! My Enemies Had People Try To Intimidate, Disrespect, Harass And Test Me. I Didn’t Care. That Bullshit Had Nothing To Do With Me!

My Enemies Had The Nerve To Endeavor To Destroy Me. I Didn’t Care. They Better Beware!!!

Their Futile Minds Think That If People Are Against Me I Would Be Hurt Or Feel Bad/Crummy And Bitch Up. That Hasn’t Happen Yet! I Don’t Need People. They Do! I’ve Always Had Nothing But Backbone.

They Are Doing Me A Great Favor! They Are Continuing To Set Me Free The Way I Am Suppose To Be. The Way I Was Born To Be.

They Need To Get Off Trying To “Hurt” Me. They Don’t Have The Knowledge Nor The Skill To Cause Any Real Pain Within Me. They Never Have. They Are All Delusional.

What Can They Take From Me? Not A Darn Thing! What Can They Give To Me? Not A Darn Thing That I’d Want From Them!

I Have Everything! I Have Myself! And I Actually Have To Give Thanks To Them All For Showing Me Just How Spectacular I Really Am. If It Weren’t For Their Stupidity I May Never Truly Have Known What It Meant To Be Liberated.

The Strength That I Was Born With And The Strength That I’ve Gained Through My Knowledge, Learning And Experiences Has Made Me The Person That I Am Today.

I Truly Know What It Means To Be Free. Free From The Social And Religious Restrictions Of Life. I Enjoy Being The Unconventional Human Female That I Was Born To Be.

So To All Of My Enemies My Message To You All Is “More Power To You!!!” Come On You Sick Mother Fuckers, Keep On With Your Bullshit And Keep Setting Me Free. All Of Your Ignorant Actions Are My Serious Weapons.

You’ll Never Know The Happiness My Powers Give To Me.

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