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My Dip into Potty Training

By Sjay235 @naturalmommainm
Not with Isabelle I must quickly add!
My sister in law works 3 days a week, so on Friday, Jacob usually spends the day with his beloved "Gandad" (his R still eludes him). However, 'Gandad' and 'Ganny' are currently on holiday so, last week, care of Jacob fell to (his much less beloved) auntie 'Sawah'. This is fine, as a few weeks ago I had him for half a day and, as Jacob is such a good boy and Isabelle is fascinated by him , it is no trouble at all to look after him. In fact, it's a joy to get to spend such quality time with my favorite little man. However, on Tuesday I received the news that Jacob had requested no more nappies, and was now officially moving on to potty training. Helen asked if that was OK with me, as I also have him two days this week. Of course, the last thing in the world I want to do is hold Jacob back, so I said yes, absolutely no problem! I have worked with lots of toddlers in the past, but the closest I've gotten to potty training is a few weeks after it's been started, when everything is pretty set in its way, and littles just need lots of reminders and trips to the bathroom. I've never yet had a hand in the actual early training of a little, so I was a little worried that I may have bitten off more than I could chew!

My dip into potty training

Jacob showing his cousinly love when Izzy was little(r)

Jacob arrived at 8am complete with at least 10 spare pairs of pants, lots of spare trousers, his potty, and his Smarties (One Smartie for each wee in the toilet or potty). I must say, he was a STAR throughout and has done a wonderful job of cracking this potty business. If only the same could be said for his totally incompetent auntie Sawah!
The first pee was a teeny accident, then he told me he still needed to go, so onto the potty, Smartie doled out. Yes, a quick change of pants and trousers were needed, but I was quite confident that we would get on OK after a pretty good start.
I pestered him non-stop asking did he need to wee, and he told me no, no, no until eventually, yes, he said he did. Unfortunately, I was feeding Isabelle at the time, so I only had one free hand to help him onto the potty...this didn't go well. I somehow misjudged his position, which I very quickly realised as his pee spread out round the potty! Not only that, but my poor positioning meant the poor pet had managed to get it all over his trousers, pants and his socks! Very much not his fault, so a Smartie for him, and his socks, pants and trousers off. I decided trousers were too much hassle, so just new pants went on. I apologised to him for my poor technique, and he agreed with me that I needed to "try my best".

My dip into potty training

Next time, having learnt my lesson, I was careful to lift him with both hands onto the potty. Despite a story of this happening to his Grandpa the day before, I forgot to hold his "firehouse" pointing downwards cue a spray of pee all over my knee, and his pants, before I came to my senses and pointed it downwards.  Pants off, and I decided these were also too much hassle, so after he received his Smartie, he had a great time opening my mail, and jumping on the bubble wrap from a parcel in just his top and vest.
All this toilet talk made me realize I needed to go, so Isabelle went into her bouncer, nakey boy was on the bubble wrap and I nipped off for a wee. On my return, Jacob was crouched beside his potty, looking sheepish and a little worried, standing in a huge puddle. I asked him if he had weed and he said yes, and he needed a towel. It was so clear that in my absence he had tried to get on to the potty on his own (and failed miserably), that he got his Smartie, and I got a telling off for not being there to help him! He had managed to soak his tops this time, so for a short while he was totally naked. It did take a towel to mop up his pee from the floor and my poor rug, and another discussion about how he was doing great, but I needed to "do my best" ensued, and he promised that if I managed to help him get all of one wee in the toilet or potty then I could have a Smartie too!
And that was all by 11.30am...

My dip into potty training

The terrible two...

Luckily, the afternoon went much more smoothly. We went to meet Simon for lunch so he wore some pull ups for the car journey, and we had a great time. You'll be very happy to hear I finally earned my Smartie after lunch, and not a single drop was spilt anywhere it shouldn't have been. Two successful wees later, and he was shipped off home with his mummy, who I think was secretly relieved to get him away from my total incompetence!
At the end of this week I have Jacob on Thursday and Friday, and am hoping that my skills have improved and, if only for the sake of my rug, I am able to help Jacob move one step closer to being totally potty trained. And hopefully by the time Isabelle's turn comes, I'll be quite competent in the whole endeavour!
Stay tuned next week to find out how I get on with days 2 and 3 of my adventures with 2...
How did you find potty training your little one? Anyone as totally useless as I am?!

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