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My Candle Burning Magic

By Latoya @latoyallawrence

There Is Genuine “Magic” That Generates In The Burning Of Candles. And That Magic Is “Energy”.

I Have A Richly Set Up Altar Which Is Dedicated To My Ancestors, Loas, Spirit Guides, And Myself. And I Do Grave (Serious) Rituals That Require More Than Just The Use Of Candles.

Nevertheless, Candles Are A Vital Part Of Spellwork. They Set The Tone When Creating, Conducting, And Maintaining A Condition.

I Feel A Major Difference Within Myself Whenever I Burn My Candles. They Heighten My Own Energy Fields Just The Same As When I Am Around Bodies Of Water. And I Am Not Limited To These Two Elements Alone But Also To The Earth And Air Itself.

So Even If I Do Not Burn A Candle I Am Naturally Able To Radiate Extra Energies Through Any One Single Element. It Is An Automatic Occurrence That Consistently Happens All Together With Me. It Is A Part Of Me, A Special Piece Of What I Am.

Just Imagine How Much I, And The Things That Go Along With My Spiritual Energy Escalate-When All Of The Elements Of Fire, Air, Water And Earth Combine As They Unite Together With My Spirit.

Other Than Using Our Minds As A Magnet To Reflect Back Responses From The Universe, Candles Also Serve As An Aid To Enhance In The Process. They Enforce And Bring Forth.

What Is Exactly Yielded Is Up To The True Intent, Desire And Faith. These Three Things All Go Hand In Hand When Sending Out And Then Gaining Or Regaining Energy In Return.

Burning Candles Is One Of The Necessary Tools For My Spiritual Devotions And Stimulation. And It Is A Tool That Definitely “Lights Up My Life”.

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