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My Brownies Need YOUR Help!

By Dreenaburton @dreenaburton
My Brownies Need YOUR Help!(Popping in to thank those of you that have already replied on my recipe - each and every vote is important, thank you!)  :)
Hey guys! So, I went ahead and entered the gluten-free recipe contest, with my Frosted B-raw-nies recipe.  This is the first recipe contest I have ever entered!  Kinda' strange!
Here's the deal:  The contest is open to all kinds of gluten-free recipes, not just vegan.  The judges will select three recipes to test and evaluate - and, the three recipes that are chosen will be those with the most reader comments (or 'replies').  So, in order for my recipe to get to the judge's table, I need replies on my recipe.  Most of the other recipes there are meat/dairy based, so not only would it be cool for me to win the contest, it would be great for a vegan and gf recipe to get the win.   So, my trusted readers, if you want to help me out, please link through and post a 'reply' to my brownie recipe.  If you're new to the everyday health site, you will have to register to comment, but it only takes a couple of minutes.  Thank you for supporting me... I'm typing with fingers crossed here! :)
Bit o' randomness... I'm writing this post just after changing a diaper.  Seriously, some diaper changes require a team of experts.  This one I took solo, but there are times when hubby or I are doing a change and call out to the other "it's a high-back!" (Code: get your butt up and help now!  Ok, that's my code, hubby knows better than to ever say that, even in code, heh.)  I don't know if it's a vegan baby thing (our kiddos have never been constipated), but man, some diapers are a feat to change.  Between keeping babe still (she's full-on squirmy, moving, climbing, going-going-going), and getting the high-backs or blow-outs... trouble is, usually just one of us (and usually me) to take it all on, ugh.  Now, aren't you happy I shared my random thoughts?

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