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My Body Isn’t An Invitation for Sexual Harassment

Posted on the 18 March 2011 by Juliez

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I’m a fourteen year-old girl and I wear a DD bra. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve been asked what bra size I wear, and my response has always been, “It’s none of your business.” No matter how firmly I answer, the person will start laughing and ask again.

When boys speak to me, they tend to look at my breasts instead of my face. I mean its basic manners to look at someone in the face when having a conversation, but guess what? That’s not the worst the thing I’ve experienced because of my breasts.

Some boys in my year used to walk up to me, start a conversation, then grab my boob and walk off, laughing. At first I’d stand there thinking, “Did that really just happen?” I was embarrassed at first, but then I realized there’s no need to be embarrassed because I didn’t do anything wrong – in fact, it’s a form of sexual abuse!

What disturbed me the most was that one of my teachers saw my classmate do that and she didn’t even say anything to him.
One time I got so frustrated that, since obviously nobody was going to help me, I kicked a guy as hard as possible in the nuts after he touched my boob. It may not have been the best response, but I can honestly say it kept him away. The next time it happens, though, I’ll scream and shout at him about sexual harassment as loud as I can until justice is served.

I see so many girls on Facebook joining groups along the lines of “I want a boob job” or “She has big boobs so she’s a slag” (which obviously is ridiculous – anatomy doesn’t make you slutty). But believe me, when you do have “big boobs,” you’ll realize that there are some huge downsides, especially the fact that a lot of assholes only speak/like you because of the size of your breasts and not because of your personality.

So I’m begging you girls – PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be happy with the size of your breasts. Obviously I can’t speak from the viewpoint of a “flat-chested” girl, but the size of your boobs shouldn’t affect your personality or anything you do in life. Remember – you’re beautiful just the way you are. And if people can’t see that, then they’re not worth your time or effort. Try to be the best person you can be and love what you have.

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