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My Big News

By Russellvjward @russellvjward

It's been a week for big news here at In Search of a Life Less Ordinary.
First of all, I got to the finals of the Best Australian Blogs 2012 competition (by the way, the winner is announced on 10 May).
Now I get to share my biggest news of all.
This journey is about to take an incredible and exciting turn because... we're having a baby!

My Big News

Photo credit: Stuart Miles / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

I'm as proud as punch to share this news. I've been keeping it to myself for what seems like ages.
On 12 November, our small family will grow as a new addition arrives. He or she will emerge to a life we've created over here by the ocean and our little Scorpio boy or girl, our very own Australian water baby, will hopefully thrive.
I already have the mini-Speedos lined up, the Malibu surfboard picked out. It's too soon to go looking for  sunnies and board shorts but I'm confident the kid will like my choice of thong.
I can't describe how strange it is to patiently wait for the arrival of a baby born to a country not my own, but it's exciting and quite different and even slightly sublime.
We've traveled a long road to get here.
Physically, we've covered thousands of kilometres and crossed continents to arrive at this place. To reach a point in time where we feel settled and ready to be good parents.
Emotionally, the road has been just as long. 
Fraught with anxiety and fear, the path hasn't been easy for us but, with an outcome like this, it's no longer of consequence. We're here, we're happy, and we plan to enjoy this tiny creation for all it's worth.
There will no doubt be challenges ahead. 
We'll be raising a child with parents from opposite sides of this planet. It will be born into a world of uncertain economic times albeit entering into a country that, for now, is safe and still strong.
This new life brings with it great hope and anticipation.
This baby will be loved by its Anglo-Aussie parents. It will be adored by its international family - in Britain, Canada, New Zealand, America and Oz. And this 'little Vegemite' will share in the immense experiences and joy that we've found through travel and on our journey so far.
This week has been a truly great week and I'm so pleased to be able to share my big news with you here today.
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