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My ASOS Obsession

By Kena @campchic

I am very much a creature of habit! Case in point........

Every morning I have a cup of tea, adding cream first and then the tea.

I will reheat 2 slices of leftover pizza in the oven, just so the crust will be nice and crispy.

I always say "I love you" before ending a conversation with a loved one.

I laugh at least 15 times a day. 

I put extra butter on my popcorn at the movie theater. So much extra butter that my friends are embarrassed to be seen with me, when I'm standing at the butter machine, pressing that little red button, while the fluorescent yellow liquid pours into my bag. YUM!

None of these random tidbits have anything to do with my ASOS Obsession. Other than the fact that I browse the UK based website several times a week but never pull the trigger. I put many lovely things in my shopping cart and then hit "save shopping cart". You see ASOS has a sale on their website every 2 days or so. It never fails, every time I get ready to order something - a sale has just ended or one is about to start. I've begun to save my favorite items in my shopping cart and wait for an email that their having a sale. One of these days I will actually follow through and purchase something from ASOS. I'm hoping my purchase will include one or all of these delicious items below. 



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